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Hire Magento 2 Developer in India

Want to hire dedicated and flexible magento 2 developers as per your demand? choose experienced magento 2 developer from our magento 2 staff.

Every e-commerce platform such as Magento 2 will be useless for every business without the right team of web developers to design, develop and maintain the online store for them. It is important to be extra deliberate and wise when it comes to choosing a partner for Magento 2 development. What makes us outstand from the rest of the I.T. solutions provider out there is our dedication in fulfilling every single requirement of a client when using the e-commerce platform Magento 2. Also, our in-depth understanding of the uniqueness of various industries gave us the edge in proactively meeting the demand of our clients.

With over a hundred of Magento 2 experts and committed I.T. project team leaders in our company, we were able to guide clients in hiring Magento 2 developers with least cost while generating a huge amount of benefit for the business in terms of sales, productivity, cost efficiency and quality service. Our Magento 2 web programmers and developers were geared with the latest I.T. tools and equipment to be able to provide exceptional services to our business partners.

Our Magento 2 Development Services:

  • PSD to Magento 2 Conversion: Many e-commerce businesses are demanding for PSD to Magento conversion for many advantageous reasons. You will never go wrong in hiring the best people from our team for this task.


  • Custom Magento 2 Web Development: Most business succeeds because of its uniqueness and branding. With the custom Magento web development as part of our service, we provide full service in creating a customized e-commerce web page for the client.


  • Responsive Magento 2 Website: Every Magento site that we established has 100% high-speed in response speed because we always take into consideration all types of platforms and browsers used by the consumers before coming up with the right Magento development codes.


  • Magento 2 Theme Development: Our people has catered numerous clients with positive feedback on the appropriateness of their Magento web page themes to the business that they are running.


  • Custom Ecommerce Solutions: With the wide spectrum in e-commerce, our clients will be served by Magento 2 developers with proficiency on matters about customizing the e-commerce platform to be able to generate more sales and web traffic.


  • Custom Magento 2 Extension Development: We are tasked in fulfilling customized request on extension development on Magento 2 many clients.


  • Magento 2 Website Development: It is our commitment to render to our clients the right set of people who could manage Magento 2 website development projects within the quality standards.


  • Secure Payment Integration: Our clients will always have the confidence in the flow of the finances to and from the business through our developer’s capacity to integrate highly secured payment gateway and processing.


  • Module Development: With superior quality on Magento 2 module development and shopping cart development, our clients can confidently rely on the programming codes that we integrate to the e-commerce platform.

Our Process:

    • Developer assessment: Every business partnership that we engage with involves a needs-analysis process. In this first step, we determine the appropriate Magento 2 developer to deploy to the clients by doing web developer assessment against the needs of the client.


    • Cost-benefit analysis: We aid our client in conducting a helpful cost and benefit analysis on the I.T. solutions that they demand, the corresponding price and the equivalent level of quality service that we can offer them. We always work for the client’s advantage.


    • Exclusive contract agreement: Hire Magento 2 developers who could work with their time and effort being focused on you as their client. We guarantee that our people within the bounds and conditions set on the project agreement. We let them work for the client in full or part-time, as deemed necessary by the client while we fulfill and exclusive platform coding in every project.


    • Developer portfolio: To finalize every agreement, we provide our clients with a complete work profile of every hired Magento 2 developers. From information on the clients’ personality, educational attainment, work experience, career goals and even feedback from the developers’ previous clients, we will make these information available for them.


    • Magento 2 development: Hire Magento 2 developers from our company and we will always guarantee a remarkable quality of output and service from the design and development work that we do.


    • Feedback process: Our line will always be kept open and accessible for communication and feedback process. We work according to a highly reliable project communication plan.


    • Milestone approval: In every milestone, our client will have the power to approve or disapprove the outcome of our Magento 2 developers’ work. Approving a milestone would involve test run, simulation and evaluation by the client.


    • Magento 2 deployment: This phase signals the initial success of the project. As soon as the test runs are successful, the hired Magento 2 developers will spearhead the process of deployment of the online store to a live environment.


Industry we serve :

  • Health Care & Beauty: Hiring Magento 2 developers from us made our clients on health care and beauty industry to outwit their competitors and generate increase in customer retention rate.
  • B2B & B2C: We provide optimal business process in B2B and B2C industry, ensuring a progressive process in ordering, purchase, marketing, delivery, etc. through Magento 2.
  • Jewelry: The Magento 2 solutions that we provided to jewelry businesses allowed them to overcome the challenge of competition in e-commerce.
  • Cosmetics, Beauty Care & Fragrances: Through attractive store design, quality multimedia materials and SEO that we develop, clients in this industry get to instill to their consumers the positive impact from buying their products.
  • Gadgets & Computers: The best Magento 2 developers had been deployed in gadgets and computers industry to satisfy the technical and support requirements of the business.
  • Apparel & Clothing: The Magento 2 developers from our team were able to support clients in this industry through attractive online catalogs, SEO and other marketing schemes that Magento 2 can do.
  • Florist / Flower Store: Through the expertise of our Magento 2 developers, flower stores had been designed with friendly user interface, easy navigation features and attractive web designs.
  • Electronics: The Magento 2 solutions that we provided to companies in the electronics industry gave them stability in this business through customer retention and sales.
  • Pet Supplies / Products: Effective product categorization and indexing were just a few of the results of the output done by our highly reliable Magento 2 web developers.
  • Fashion: Bringing life to every product motivates our company to continually assist the fashion industry in boosting up their sales and web page traffic.
  • Furniture & Home Decor: Our clients in this industry were able to stand out among the many competitors in the market through our web designers and developers ability to highlight the great features of the business.
  • Lifestyle: Many lifestyle shops online had been improved in terms of their ordering system, product and inventory management and marketing approach through the aid of our Magento 2 developers.
  • Sportswear: We have basic to advance knowledge in the sportswear industry. This allowed us to install innovative features for the clients’ online store.
  • Watches: Our dynamic service enabled us to boost up sales and ROI for clients in the watches industry.
  • Retail & Consumer Goods: All clients from retail and consumer goods industry have been turned into high-performing stores because of the capacity of our web developers to do so.
  • Grocery & Wholesale: With endless demands in the grocery and wholesale industry, we always find ways to upgrade every client’s store to help them deliver a high level of service quality to consumers.
  • Automotive / Auto Parts: From the simplest to the most complex process in automotive industry, our Magento 2 developers had experienced them all, making them today’s most reliable web design and development consultants and partners in this industry.

Key Benefit:

  • 100% Client Satisfaction: There is no record of unfinished project with us as we deliver all quality results to clients.
  • Your Local Guy Costs More: We offer a highly competitive price to hire Magento 2 developers for the business.
  • Transparency & Integrity: Our sincere commitment to deliver the clients’ requests and fulfill every item in the agreement made us more reliable in this industry.
  • Trusted & Skilled Developers: We have the capacity to determine the perfect Magento 2 developers to hire from our team for your business needs.
  • Hire A Team Of Your Choice: A set of developer profiles will be accessible by the client to aid them in the process of hiring Magento 2 developers from our pool of competent web developers.
  • Free No Obligation Quote: We provide fast feedback on quotation request while we carefully listen and understand your business’ needs for Magento 2 developers.
  • Enhanced Security: Our server is encased with superior online protection so every stored data are duly backed up and safe.
  • Avoid Paying for Excess Features: We offer endless innovations but we do not bill our clients with unnecessary and unapproved charges.
  • Access to leading technology and talent: Take advantage of our up-to-date I.T. equipment and versatile Magento 2 web developers.
  • Reduce costs in salaries and infrastructure: We are certain that every business venturing on e-commerce will get the most out from our services, helping them save up cost on their own manpower and infrastructures.
  • Time zone differences working with people overseas: Time zone is never a challenge for us because we have enough manpower to let us operate 24/7.
  • You can focus on your business: We do the I.T. support functions while the workers directly hired by the company will get to work on the main processes of the business.
  • Adjusts With Your Project Needs: We are a company who works with flexibility and innovation to satisfy clients’ needs.

Why Choose us:

  • Start new projects quickly: In less than 24 hours, we provide fast response to inquiries and can close a dealing partnership quickly.
  • Dedicated A/c Manager: A dedicated project lead will consistently provide updates and follow a responsive communication plan.
  • We are Experienced: We hire Magento 2 developers with either an excellent performance on related work.
  • We Do What We Say: We set quality according to the standards of the client and we deliver excellent work in no time.
  • Genuine Passion for Technology: Our methods in completing a project shows our dedication in making use of the current trends in the industry as an advantageous tool for the client.
  • You’re in control of what’s happening: Our Magento 2 developers work in close coordination with the clients’ process owners.
  • You get cost control: You own your money so we let you take full responsibility on the cost control system for the project.
  • Dedicated, One-On-One Attention: The hired Magento 2 developers will be given a work system that will let them focus on a particular client’s needs.
  • Outstanding customer support: Get to know more about our responsive and friendly customer support team who works beyond the client’s expectation.
  • Excellent reporting system: Every progress in the project will be duly reported to the client.
  • Customer-focused Approach: We base our innovative steps and systematic process based on the customer’s standard requirements.
  • We treat you like partners: We give high value to the partnership that we have with our clients, treating their success as part of our success as well.
  • Delivering exceptional business value: With high importance and value for work, our people had been disciplined to deliver remarkable output to clients.

Engage Model (Hire Magento 2 Developer):

Dedicated Resource Model

Whether you have a small or large company, you can make use of this Dedicated Resource Model, especially for long term Magento 2 projects. This allows clients to have a fast and easy access in being able to hire Magento 2 developers and use of our company’s I.T. infrastructures.

  • What you pay for is what you will get with zero hidden charges
  • No start-up and contract termination fees
  • Monthly billing with fast renewal upon demand
  • At least 80 hours of production time every month
  • Measurable and much dedicated for the client’s company


Fixed Time & Fixed Price

Any client with time-bound projects pertaining to Magento 2 can avail of this Fixed Time and Fixed Price model. A more specific detail on the project requirement, from timeline, budget and specifications, will serve as the skeleton of this project model.

  • Definite results expected
  • Price is fixed unless updates are necessary
  • One-time project or milestone approach
  • Upgrade and cancelation is doable any time

Q & A:

  • How long does it take to create a Magento 2 Store?

Before every website can fully function, series of test runs on the program has to be done. When you want to hire Magento 2 developers from us, the expertise of our people is exceptional so we want always target to beat the average design and development period of 8 weeks.

  • Are your Magento 2 store mobile-friendly?

Responsiveness is a valuable attribute to every website so we always make sure that we create a fully functional website that can go to various devices such as those mobile I.T. equipment that are commonly used today.

  • Can I see my Magento 2 store while it’s in progress?

This is highly encouraged! To achieve a fast turnaround time of work, hire Magento 2 developers who can comfortably work even if the eyes of the clients are always looking at the progress of the project. You can only find this kind of people from our team.

  • Is there any hidden cost for Magento 2 store development?

In order to deliver quality service, we always practice transparency to our clients, especially on costing and budgeting matters. We do not integrate hidden charges in any way.

  • How skilled and experienced are your developers?

Hire Magento 2 developers with superior skills and remarkable experience in the industry of I.T. solutions. We have highly competent people to perform quality service for your Magento 2 development projects.

  • How do we communicate and monitor the project development with our hired developer?

With our flexible communication line, clients can start to hire Magento 2 developers from our company by getting in touch with us through telephone, email and instant messaging. Monitoring every developed milestone of the project can be through our server that holds the testing environment.

  • Are you ready to work according to the time zone of the client?

Utilizing today’s advance technology allowed us to work amidst the challenge of having different time zones. Yes, our team is all equipped to work according to the clients’ time zone.

  • What steps should I follow to hire a developer / team?

With us, the steps are easy. All you need to do is to let us know your Magento 2 development project needs and we will readily allocate the right team to work for you.

  • Is your team is ready to work according different time zone?

With our manpower complement, we have shifting on duties to cater clients of different time zones.

  • Can you provide source code after complete project?

Our source code for each project is basically a part of the deliverables to our clients. We provide them with easy accessibility.


Contact us to know more about Hire magento 2 developer or mail us at info@hiremagento2developers.com


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