Magento 2 Migration Services

Magento 2 Store Migration Services

Looking for experienced Magento 2 agency for migrate your store from magento 1 to 2 latest version? we will help you migrate your store with fully tested

For a more efficient e-commerce process, upgrading to Magento 2 platform might be a best option to look at. The migration process will not be a big risk to take as long as your partner in the Magento 2 migration process is a truly reliable one. With the assistance that we provide, we guarantee our clients with cost-effective and hassle-free migration process for any webpage across different industries. We will carefully lay down all the advantages of doing an upgrade into Magento 2 while our clients will assess the pros and cons that this will do to their business.

With the Magento 2 migration services that we provide, we always make sure that our clients will reap all the positive impacts of undergoing the migration phase. For a more effective online business, Magento 2 offers wide array of bug fixing features and better user interface. A truly ideal e-commerce web page awaits your business as soon as you partner with us for this economically practical endeavor.

Our Magento 2 Migration Services:

Database Migration

With deliberate management on the clients’ existing database, we start every project with a thorough brainstorming on how the current data set will be migrated into the upgraded Magento 2 platform. Our database migration service includes:

  • Product database
  • Customer and vendor data management
  • Store configuration
  • Brand and promo updates


Migrating Custom-Built Functionality

Any applicable functionality and additional features will be presented to the client. Along with the cost and benefits that these custom-built functionalities can offer, we assist our clients in assessing the ones that would suit their business well.

  • Theme upgrade
  • Customization on design
  • Front-end modification
  • Back-end upgrade


Design Migration

The migration process opens the opportunity of putting up a more attractive Magento 2 design. In design migration process, we deliver the newest setoff themes and templates that can be found only on Magento 2. As soon as the client has decided what design to conform with, we work on it with passion and dedication of delivering the effective design for the web page.

  • User interface design migration
  • Front-end design upgrade
  • Theme and design selection


Migrating Advanced SEO Settings

We understand the essence of search engine optimization (SEO) and its impact to an effective online marketing. Thus, we provide services on migration of advanced SEO settings. In this way, clients need not to worry on losing their market connections and links through social media, ads and other platforms as we help them preserve these advanced SEO settings.

  • SEO strategy
  • Advanced SEO migration checklist
  • SEO data transport
  • SEO optimized themes


Custom Extension Development

Extensions can be optional but the features that they have is a huge help for any business that is in the middle of a tight e-commerce competition. The Magento 2 migration service that we offer also includes custom extension development that will definitely leave the clients with flying colors in their industry.

  • Listing of extensions
  • Extension plug-in enhancement
  • Feature-rich custom extension
  • Custom module delivery

Our Process:

  • Initial Discussion: We accept inquires and discussions with prospective clients with open line. In this communication process, we would want to know the details of the needs of our clients while we also lay down all the service options that we could deliver, with transparency and no hidden agenda.
  • Specification Agreement: As soon as the client finds confidence from the service that we offer, together, we go through the process of listing up all the specifications and details of the Magento 2 migration project. Agreements would include the definition of requirements by the client, timeline and budget allocation for the project.
  • Migration Assessment: Magento 2 upgrade can be an overwhelming thing for the business. Thus, our experts conduct brainstorming with the client to determine the feasibility of every specifications of the project into the business.
  • Migration Design and Development: In the design and development process, our professional Magento 2 experts present design options then work on the items that have been approved by the client. At this point, a dedicated team will be task to operate on the Magento 2 migration process to beat the committed timeline.
  • Migration Testing: During the Magento 2 migration development, every phase will go through a testing process. We make sure that the important transactions of the existing web page will not be interrupted while the testing is ongoing.
  • Live Deployment: Clients will look forward to a better version of their online store as soon live deployment of the Magento 2 platform has been done. Our customer support team is always on stand-by mode for any assistance that the client might need in the process of live deployment.


Industry we serve (Magento 2 Migration Services):

  • Health Care & Beauty: Our expertise in health care and beauty helped this industry establish a strong connection between businesses and consumers for many years. Optimal Magento 2 powered online health care and beauty e-commerce had been established by our team.
  • B2B & B2C: Efficient business process resulted to an increase in ROI as we assisted numerous B2B and B2C partners in their Magento 2 migration services.
  • Jewelry: With the increasing demand of valuable jewelry items, we never cease to assist Jewelry businesses in making an effective sales call through online platforms such as the Magento 2 migration services that we were able to provide to clients.
  • Cosmetics, Beauty Care & Fragrances: Our Magento 2 development and migration services helped highlight the right beauty and fragrance products to every consumer and thus resulting to a better user interface for many of our clients.
  • Gadgets & Computers: Increase in sales on gadgets and computer products had been recorded by our clients who trusted us with their Magento 2 migration projects since the year that we established our name in this IT solutions industry.
  • Apparel & Clothing: Ever since the beginning of Magento platform usage, we were able to provide a more enhanced product display, accurate inventory management and brand promotion through Magento 2 migration services.
  • Florist / Flower Store: Our capacity to integrate optimal ordering system into florist/floral online stores is a testimony of the success of every Magento 2 project that we handled for years.
  • Electronics: Through our dedicated teams which are assigned to companies under the electronics industry, Magento 2 data and platform migration is fulfilled amidst high requirements on standards and electronics expertise.
  • Pet Supplies / Products: Our professional web developers enabled great web page navigation experience for businesses on pet supplies and products as Magento 2 migration enabled a more reliable user interface features.
  • Fashion: Meeting the high and fast demand on fashion items had been improved through Magento 2 migration projects that we cater for many online fashion stores in our client list.
  • Furniture & Home Decor: Our services to e-commerce on furniture and home décor industry showed a remarkable ROI in their businesses as well as boosted web pages.
  • Lifestyle: As we served various industries, lifestyle companies were also able to cope up with the challenge of competition in the market through the efficiency of business process and cost reduction that we let Magento 2 upgrade offer them.
  • Sportswear: Through the trained people that we deploy for businesses on sportswear, Magento 2 migration projects that we handled were all a success through the commitment of our allotted team to help clients excel in their passion to deliver sports products.
  • Watches: With the marketing strategy through the Magento 2 upgrades that we put up to online stores for watches businesses, we were able ensure that all products are showcased and costs are reduced to as we integrate plug-ins through Magento 2.
  • Retail & Consumer Goods: On-time delivery to online shoppers for retail and consumer goods remains our goal as we were able to serve clients in this industry that has indeed, tasted sales growth and customer retention through our services.
  • Grocery & Wholesale: For many years, grocery and wholesale industry has taken advantage of our capacity to provide them a better product indexing and categorization for their online stores.
  • Automotive / Auto Parts: Our Magento 2 data programmers have records of excellent service as we were able to provide on Magento 2 migration solutions for automotive and auto parts products.

Key Benefit (Magento 2 Migration Services):

  • 100% Client Satisfaction: Every need of the client is well-attended on-time.
  • Your Local Guy Costs More: We assure a cheap price for our Magento 2 migration service but with quality results for the business.
  • Transparency & Integrity: Our company remains trustworthy when it comes to delivering excellent service to clients, with dedication to accomplish work within the timeline.
  • Trusted & Skilled Developers: We never let any of our people be left behind on what is new and latest on the technology. Thus, we continually offer trainings to upgrade their expertise in the field of I.T.
  • Hire a Team of Your Choice: We let our clients have the power to choose from our pool of experts that they deem qualify to complete a task for them.
  • Free No Obligation Quote: As we keep our line open on inquiries, we also offer no obligation quotation on requests for pricing and consultations.
  • Enhanced Security: With a secured database, strong infrastructure for data and reliable people, our security on data management is guaranteed.
  • Avoid Paying for Excess Features: Every costing, charging and budgeting will be thoroughly discussed with the clients. Every additional feature outside the contract will be subjected to the clients’ approval.
  • Access to leading technology and talent: We keep our infrastructure upgraded and we hire the best data managers and programmers for the Magento 2 migration service that we provide.
  • Reduce costs in salaries and infrastructure: We are certain of the hassle-free service that we offer as partnering with us will surely save your business from unnecessary cost on IT people’s salaries and IT equipment.
  • Time zone differences working with people overseas: Having a big pool of manpower assigned on different shifts, we geared our company with the capacity to cater all clients from different time zones.
  • You can focus on your business: We work on our expertise on information technology while we let you keep your business on track with the main processes of the business.
  • Adjusts With Your Project Needs: We adapted ourselves with the fast turn of technological upgrades and thus, we became flexible on instant project requirements and requests.

Why Choose us: (Magento 2 Migration Services):

  • Start new projects quickly: With our easy negotiation process and sufficient manpower, projects can commence as soon as the client approves on the agreements.
  • Dedicated A/C Manager: Every account is handled by competent account managers that will oversee the entire project from start to finish.
  • We are Experienced: With our experience in dealing with numerous requirements from clients of various industries, we became more reliable and flexible in our tasks.
  • We Do What We Say!: We do not give false hopes but we dispense every single item that we committed to do for our clients, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • We deliver excellence: Our company feeds on quality and excellence that makes our Magento 2 migration service worth a shot for the clients.
  • Genuine Passion for Technology: We equip our infrastructure with the latest updates and upgrades to ensure that we are not left behind the advances of the present technology.
  • You’re in control of what’s happening: Our clients always have the final say in every agreements, revisions on contracts and requirements from us. With regular update, we let them see and control the entire project in coordination with our project managers.
  • You get cost control: We know for a fact that our clients are looking for cost-effective Magento 2 migration solutions. Thus, we let them decide on the services that they want to avail that could optimize their budget.
  • Dedicated, One-On-One Attention: Close attention is always given to each project, regardless of engagement model and budget.
  • Outstanding customer support: Client feedback and reviews showed that all our clients are 100% satisfied with the fast response that we provide on their needs.
  • Excellent reporting system: Reports are easy to understand and comprehensive that will guide our clients in the decision making process for the project.
  • Customer-focused Approach: We thrive on the ideal of customer-centered approach. We value our clients as well as their goal to meet the needs of their end-consumers.
  • We treat you like partners: We highly value every partnership that we have with our clients, treating their business as our very own.
  • Delivering exceptional business value: With dedication and commitment to deliver quality Magento 2 migration services, our people work with innovation, systematic and time-conscious and value for work.

Engage Model (Magento 2 Migration Services):

Dedicated Resource Model

For a more engaging partnership with us, we offer a dedicated resource model. On this set-up, we allow our clients choose the specific team and people to work for their Magento 2 migration project. This is ideal for long-term IT solution requirements that the client would want to avail from us. Our Magento 2 team for this model will deliver tasks for the specific client.

  • Customized team, either part time or full time
  • Flexibility in time requirement
  • Service exclusivity
  • Periodic billing (monthly, semestral, annual, etc.)
  • Renewable contract


Fixed Time & Fixed Price

Most new clients would prefer this model to test the waters. In this project engagement set-up, our client can state their timeline and budget for a specific project and from there, we will set on the level of services that we offer.

  • Fixed budget and amount of work defined
  • Output is clearer
  • Objective output evaluation
  • Modifications on agreements are based on contracts
  • Time-bound

Q & A (Magento 2 Migration Services):

    • How long does it take to create a Magento 2 Store?

    As every Magento 2 migration project varies from one client to another, it is important that we first see the requirements before committing into a specific timeline. However, on the average, we had worked on Magento 2 migration projects between 1 to 2 months period.


    • Are your Magento 2 store mobile-friendly?

    With the increasing use of mobile equipment, we already aligned our Magento 2 migration codes and programs for both desktops and mobile devices.


    • Can I see my Magento 2 store while it’s in progress?

    Aside from the frequent updated that we provide to our clients, we also allow them to conduct spot audit on the progress and even monitor the output that we deliver time and again.


    • Is there any hidden cost for magento 2 store development?

    None! We charge according to what has been agreed with the client at the beginning of the project. On the other hand, any deviation on the costing will be thoughtfully discussed with the client and subject for their approval before charging.


    • How skilled and experienced are your developers?

    We only hire the best developers in our company. We ensure that all of them have a minimum of one year experience in the industry of Magento 2 development while we also provide the right amount of training to fill any gap that has been determined between the skills they have and the skills that our work requires.


    • How do we communicate and monitor the project development with our hired developer?

    With our advance infrastructure, our line is always open for communication for whatever medium that our client desires such as messaging, chatting, call, emailing, etc.


    • Are you ready to work according to the time zone of the client?

    We are geared up to accommodate clients from all over the world so, yes, we work according to the time zone of the client.


    • What steps should I follow to hire a developer / team?

    The initial step is to contact us and we will assist you in determining the services that you will need from us. Afterwards, we will give you a menu of the teams that will work for your requirements, with recommendations from our end.


    • Is your team ready to work according different time zone?

    Definitely! We have an ample amount of manpower that are assigned to work on different time zones.


    • Can you provide source code after complete project?

    Every output that we have is for our clients and paid by our clients and that includes the source code for every completed project.

Contact us to know more about Magento 2 Migration Services or mail us at


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