How Much Does It Cost to Build a Magento 2 Website?

Choosing Magento 2 as a website development platform is no less than a smart idea. Online marketing is undoubtedly today’s most enormous method when pulling profits into the business. Investing for a business website is a good choice to take but careful assessment, from costing, planning and implementation should be deliberately done. Store owners are bound to know the essential cost of putting a Magento 2 website for the business. Here is some vital information that investors could look at as a guide when spending for a Magento 2 website.

Cost for Magento 2 Edition (Community & Enterprise)

Magento 2 offers two packages that its users can choose: The Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition, each comes with its reasonable prices. To be able to decide on which edition to use, a store owner should determine its level of need for a website and the capacity to pay for the price. Information such as business size, capitalization and forecasted sales are vital to determine whether to avail of the Community edition, which basically comes for free or the Enterprise edition, which is more enriched with advanced and customizing features for the business. 

Cost for a Domain for Magento 2 Store

Finding the right domain name for your website is as good as promoting the brand and company name. Thus, it would require additional cost for a store owner to invest on purchasing a domain of their own. The price range for a domain will be from $10 to thousands of dollars. Then again, a business should carefully assess on the cost that they are willing to spend for a website domain. Both brand new domain and aged domain will entail cost. Aged domain could accumulate a better set of site data, perhaps, including the capacity for search engine optimization. 

Cost for a Magento 2 Hosting Service

Going live into the internet world will require a business to determine the type of hosting service for the website. In line with the selection of the Magento 2 edition, a store owner will also need to decide on the server to host a website. For Magento 2 hosting, businessmen will be given the option to use a Shared Server, Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server. The names of these hosting services could already speak of itself and most risk-takers in the business will dive into a Dedicated Server where full control on the website could be done.

Cost for Magento 2 Web Design

Magento 2 comes into website customization features. However, the easiest way to get an instant Magento 2-powered website is to install a certain theme for it. Any store owner who wants to expedite the process of having a website could take advantage of the themes but those who are more careful in projecting their brand or image would opt for a customized web design. 

Cost for Magento 2 Development

The entire web development process would require a web developer to do the task. Store owners will have the choice between hiring a web developer from a dependable web agency, from an individual freelancer or by acquiring an in-house developer. Each business has their respective scheme in managing the relationship towards the developer and the budget that the business has for the magento 2 development services process.

Cost for Magento 2 Extensions, if necessary 

Believe it or not, no website could run without at least 10 extensions on it. Magento 2 extensions are readily available and accessing them will determine the level of competitiveness of the website. Each extension has its unique function to perform in a website such as inventory management, order checkout, add to cart function, etc. Each extension would entail a corresponding cost that store owners should be prepared to spend on. 

Cost for More Magento 2 Customization

The more customized a website is, the more it will stand out among the rest. A well-customized website has the capacity to provide a remarkable browsing experience for its users. Functions such as search engine optimization, speed upgrade, security patches and a lot more customization that will aim to attract users. For a more comprehensive website customization, store owners may make use of reliable web developers for Magento 2 websites.

Cost for Magento 2 Maintenance

Our present technology is ever-changing and thus, establishing a website would require cost for maintenance of the website. Even Magento 2 has upgrades from time to time and thus, securing the existing data while generating new set of information should be achieved. Magento 2 website maintenance services such as data back-up, upgrading, purging, scanning, etc. should be regularly performed and recorded.


Having Magento 2 for a website is not all cheap but every investment made for it will surely be worth it as long as the needs are deliberately determined prior to spending for various Magento 2 costs. Thus, careful planning is vital while conducting a cost and benefit analysis is an important part of the Magento 2 website development.

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